Welcome to my world building page. This is where I keep my Ultana articles and notes. Browse around, borrow, and use whatever interests you. As with any world building project, it will never be complete. So feel free to contribute.

As you can tell by the scarcity of stuff here, I'm just getting started on this site. Please be patient as I get all my notes in order and posted.

Codex Ultana

Codex Ultana is the collective name for the articles describing the world of Ultana. Each article covers one aspect of the world or its inhabitants. Unless otherwise indicated, these articles are from the perspective of the Peranic culture.

All articles are in PDF format at present.

The Articles

Geographica Ultana

These are still in "first draft" stage, but they're at the point where I can show them off. Maps are provided in PNG and PDF, as well as Campaign Cartographer's FCW format.