Hârn is a fantasy world created by N. Robin Crossby. HârnWorld is a gaming environment suitable for any role-playing game system, including HârnMaster. Though any FRP can be used, HârnMaster is specifically designed for Hârn.


A Map of Harn


HârnWorld is the fantasy role-playing environment created by N. Robin Crossby. Hârn is not a heroic fantasy type of world. Instead it is a realistic medieval setting spiced with a bit of magic. Yes, dragons exist, but none have been seen on Hârn for centuries.

For a brief overview of the world of Hârn, see my article "Common Knowledge".


HârnMaster is CGI's roleplaying game specifically designed for Hârn. It has a great balance between playability and realism. It is skill-based, level-less, and a profession is what you do, not what you are.


The Glooming Isle. My current Hârn campaign. It will explore some of the ancient and hidden aspects of Hârn.


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