Parables For Our Time

The Apple Tree

There once was a fabulous apple tree. No matter how many apples one would take from it, there were just as many as before! When this was heard by the villagers they all rushed to the apple tree and took apples. But no matter how many they took, there were just as many apples as before. But some of them came and took apples and locked them within a chest, so that none could steal them. And they laughed at the other villagers, saying, "Look, they do not protect their apples. Surely a thief will come and steal them."

The Boy Who Cried "Tyranny!"

Once upon a time a shepherd boy was watching his flock of freedoms. Overcome with ennui, he rushed into town. "Tyranny! The government is stealing my freedoms!" he cried. Concerned for their liberties the townsfolk ran to the meadow. But all of the freedoms were still there, so they went back to their work.

Later in the afternoon the boy was once again bored to tears, so he rushed to town crying "Tyranny! The state is infringing upon my freedoms!" Shocked, the townsfolk rushed out to the meadows again, only to see all of the freedoms still safe. The returned to the town only to see the boy running back again crying "tyranny, oh tyranny, the current administration is trampling my freedoms underfoot!" Alarmed, they went back to the meadows. But again, all of hte freedoms were unharmed. They scolded the boy then went back to their labors.

That evening a pack of ravenous legislators attacked the boy's flock of freedoms. "Help, help," he cried, rushing into town. "A ravenous pack of tyrants is marauding among my flock! Hurry and lend me your aid, or my freedoms will surely be destroyed!" But the townsfolk laughed at the boy, and continued doing what they were doing. "Please come and stop the tyrants," cried the boy, "or they will surely devour my liberty!" But no one came to help him. So the tyrants took away all his freedoms and he became a slave.