I was dismayed to stumble upon a bad rewording and rendition of the Declaration of Independence. In the "The Declaration of Software Freedom", issued by Freedevelopers.Net, the Free Software Movement proclaims their victimhood...

The history of the current Software Commercial Organisations is a history of repeated injuries, developer division, subjugation and abuse, all having in direct object the establishment of software dominion over the people of the world.

A Declaration

Wizard of Draws

I hereby declare that I am a free and sovereign person secure in his liberty; that my liberty cannot be taken away from me except through the application of physical violence or the threat thereof; that no voluntary act of free will on the part of any other person can infringe upon my unalienable rights granted to me by God. I hereby declare that I am fully responsible for my state and condition, which are the result of my own action, and that in the absence of violent compulsion, my liberty is predicated upon no other agency but my own.

I hereby declare that I am beholden to no man; that I could care less of the wishes of the Corporation of Microsoft, or of the wishes of the Corporations of Sun, Apple, Oracle and Redhat; or of their desires with regards to the software I would use; that if I should happen to have in my possession a copy of a Windows Operating System, or of Solaris, or of GNU, it is my own damn fault, and will blame no other agency but my own. I state for the public record that I have never been under duress during the aquisition of any software; that I have never been compelled through force to purchase any software; and that I have never witnessed nor been made aware of any other person who made such a purchase through the external application of violence of the threat thereof.

I hereby declare that any person who bemoans the the loss of their freedom, and drapes themselves in the mantle of victimhood, on account of their own personal choices, to be uncouth in the extreme; that any person who claims that personal computers cannot be purchased without also aquiring an operating system which they do not want, to be a liar, misinformed, or ignorant of the protocols of shopping. I hereby declare that any person who preys upon the weak will of another, in an effort to garner adulation, by setting themselves up as a liberator, to be a scoundrel and rogue; that any person who proclaims themselves savior to those subjugated by proprietary software, to be a scurrilous cad.