The Glooming Isle: Tales From Hârn

an ancient henge

This is the campaign page for the Glooming Isle game set in the world of Hârn. This page is both a resource for the players, a chronicle of the game, and information for the curious.

The island of Hârn is called the Glooming Isle by some, as it is a land shrouded in dark mists. This campaign will explore some of the darker and hidden aspects of Hârn. The secrets of the Ancients may be explored, but not revealed. Secret conspiracies may be touched, but not uncovered. Eldritch horrors may be stirred, but not awakened.


Player resources are in the Background page. These will include story background, maps, legends, and other Hârn information for the players.


House rules and clarifications can be found in the Rules page. The game will use HârnMaster Third Edition.


The campaign cast can be found in the Characters page. This includes descriptions and other information on the player and notable non-player characters.


You may read the story so far in the Journal page. This contains a summary of the campaign, as well as a more detailed account of the recent events.


The old campaign, "Northern Shadow", has concluded. You can find it in the attic.