The Northern Shadow

Dale and Northern Rhovanion did not escape the notice of Sauron during the War of the Ring. Many subtle intrigues, foul treacheries and heroic deeds occurred prior to the Battle of Dale and Siege of Erebor.

These pages chronicle the deeds of one small group of heroes in their fight against the Shadow in the North.

Tale of The Years

Thrain founds kingdom of Erebor
Smaug descends upon Erebor, Dale destroyed
Bilbo find the Ring of Power. The Battle of Five Armies. Death of Smaug. Dain becomes King under the Mountain
Bard rebuilds Dale and becomes King
Bain son of Bard becomes king in Dale
Balin leaves Erebor and enters Moria
Brand son of Bain becomes king in Dale
Emissary of Sauron comes to Dain and Brand


Here's some maps of the campaign area. These are all PDF, but the orignal Campaign Cartographer files are available on request.

Cast of Characters


An Elf of the Woodland Realm, Ardan seeks more to life than singing songs under starlight. He prefers bawdy ballads in the firelight of a tavern. He seeks more excitement than what the timelessness of Elvendom can bring. Still, he's good in a pinch with a bow and longknife.


Borri, son of Sigurd, is the younger brother of Snorri. He is a craftsman of many talents, though he is most skilled at stonework. For a Dwarf, Borri is garrulous and good-humored. This, combined with his gluttony and girth, leads others to think of him as a rather comic figure... a fact of which Borri is blissfully unaware.


Gudrid is a young cousin of Grimbeorn son of Beorn, who has learned the speech of animals and other old magic of her clan. She spent much of her youth exploring Mirkwood. Now in response to dark rumors, she is scouting eastward for her clan to hear of the doings of the Necromancer who left their region many decades ago, but whose evil touch they still have not forgotten or forgiven.


Originating from Dorwinion and the Sea of Rhûn, Kell found port life dreary and lacking in opportunity, and became a wilderness explorer. Setting out to investigate rumors of other lands, he took a boat up the Running River to Esgaroth. NPC


Snorri, son of Sigurd, is the older brother of Borri. He is a metalsmith. His grasping and greedy nature is offset by his keen interest in the construction of those wonderful magical toys that the Dale market is so famous for. NPC


Thallin is a woodman from the lower Celduin valley. He is a scout on good terms with the elves of Mirkwood and the Beornings of the Anduin vale. He has a marked hatred of orcs, and will not let personal danger deter him from his quest to rid the world of this scourge.


The Dragon's Curse, September 1st, 3017, which begins with the party is sitting in a tavern in Laketown minding their own business...

The Naked Hill, September 5th, 3017, which begins as the party travels into Mirkwood in a roundabout pursuit of the horseman and the mysterious ring...

The Dragon of The East, October 16th, 3017, which begins as the party returns to Esgaroth and receive a letter from Kell...

The Emissary, November 24th, 3017, which begins as the party travels to the Erebor. They aren't the only one's with messages for the King Under the Mountain...