Welcome to my home away from home on the web. Of course, I'm never home. But the door is always open. So step inside and browse through my eclectic collection of cruft. I, your humble narrator, am either off at the local brewpub, exploring a nether domain, or busily crafting fiddly bits. Herein you can find my odd collection of rants, adventures, code, and souvenirs. You are invited to participate in my particular idiom by sharing your own cruft with the denizens of the net.


The Wizard of Draw

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! You will only spoil the illusion by inquiring too deeply into matters belonging to the world of the real. If you must know, his name is David, and he leads a quite mundane life.

Last updated October 2008


Blogging seems to be de rigeur these days, so here's my web journal. I'm not a frequent poster, but I do put stuff up here on occasion.

Free Source

I've put up some of my programs and other crufty bits here for all who are interested. Everything is Free and Open Source software.


The most stable, robust and powerful operating systems are free! Linux, BSD and GNU are all Unix like operating systems and environments that are distributed for free. Find out more about the Free NIX here.

Game Space

A bunch of roleplaying stuff, including Hârn, new settings, new rules, and other miscellanea. If you're tired of the faceless computer gaming scene, get into roleplaying here.

Rants and Raves

Sometimes I have to blow off some steam. Other times I just have to preach. This is my spot to Rant and Rave about nothing in particular, or even put up a positive article.

Personal Stuff

Here is where I keep my personal stuff. Don't worry, it's not too personal, or I wouldn't have posted it here in the first place.